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where innovation meets expertise in the Web3 realm. As a pioneering private company, we empower startups and diverse projects, offering exclusive development services and groundbreaking solutions

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Development for Startups

From concept to execution, we specialize in helping startups thrive in the Web3 landscape.

Exclusive Project Development

Tailored solutions for unique products and projects, crafted to elevate your digital presence.

Web3 Development Services

Providing development and building services for other platforms, ensuring seamless integration into the decentralized web.

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Innovative products designed exclusively to meet the demands of the decentralized digital landscape

chain magazine

Your dedicated blockchain technology journal by FundaChain, providing the latest insights, trends, and analyses in concise articles


Your go-to source for exploring blockchain applications, tools, and innovative projects


Unraveling project intricacies through meticulous fundamental analysis for informed decisions and strategic evaluations.


Discover our ongoing and completed projects, showcasing our commitment to innovation

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